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  • Iron Fences
  • Sign Brackets
  • Weathervanes
  • Spirals
  • Wine Racks
  • Wrought Iron Railings (Curved or Straight)
  • Etc.

If you can draw it, then I can make it.

Remodeling and Home Design
Country home railing

This railing was custom made for a country home. Can we make one for you?

Custom table

Another custom table that can be found at American Cottage in Gilford N.H.

Cypress tree table

This table is made from a wedge of the bottom of a Cypress tree. This table can be seen at American Cottage in Gilford N.H.

Cypress tree table base

A close-up of the base of the Cypress tree table, available at American Cottage in Gilford N.H.

Tree table

This 32-inch tall table was custom made for American Cottage in Gilford N.H.

Tree table with stools

Another angle of a custom-made table at American Cottage in Gilford N.H.

Custom wine racks

These custom-fit wine racks were made for a boat that was cut in half and turned into shelving.

Custom wine racks, close-up

A close-up of the boat shelf's custom wine racks.

Straight railings in a set of two

These straight railings were the first of two sets for the same location.

Curved railings in a set of two

Here is the matching set—this time curved. Simple or intricate, curved or straight, I can make railings however you'd like.

Curved railing

This is a very simple, curved wrought iron railing.

Pipe railing

This is an example of a pipe railing. Not all railings need to be wrought iron. Have a creative idea?

Mahogany table with belt pulley base from an old wood mill

The wheel at the bottom of the table came from an old wood mill. It was on an overhead pulley that was powering other machinery via a flat belt. The top is mahogany that was designed and supplied by Jodi Sleeper of American Cottage, Gilford N.H. All iron work was my idea.

Custom-made ram's head door handles

Custom-made ram's head door handles

Custom gate with horseshoe design

This horse gate, built at five feet wide to accomodate the girth of a horse, features a horseshoe design at the top and a solid frame with twisted bars for some added style.

Railing with a wheel from a wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow wheel railing. The client requested a railing be made with a wheel from her grandfather's old wheelbarrow.

Railing with a wheel from a wheelbarrow

An angle shot of the wheelbarrow wheel railing.

Horse made of horseshoes

Horse made of horseshoes. Made for a client in Maine for two of her very special friends. Give me a call. I can build one for you!

Horse made of horseshoes

Another shot of the horse made of horseshoes.

Elegant napkin rings

Elegant wrought iron handmade napkin rings to complement your great table settings. $9.99 each, plus shipping

Redneck wrought iron mason jar handles

Redneck wrought iron mason jar handles, great looking and very functional. Good for patio or backyard cook outs. Surprise your friends with something very unique, has a drilled lid for a straw. Also comes with drilled handles to mount jar to a flat surface for flowers, candles, pencils etc. When ordering specify which type of handle.

Handcrafted mason jar handle

Handcrafted mason jar handle

Fireplace wood rack

This flat black fireplace wood rack holds everything together, including a full tool set. Kindling rests on top, logs in the middle, and newspaper on the bottom. A shovel, poker, and broom hang from the side.

Fireplace wood rack detail

A close-up of the tools' handles and the kindling holders on the fireplace wood rack.

Table built from a steam tractor wheel

This table was made from a steel wheel, bought at a flea market, that came from a very old steam tractor, in collaboration with Jodi Sleeper (owner of American Cottage). Notice the legs—they are from an old cast iron bath tub.

Coat rack detail

This is a close-up of the coat rack's intricate detail.

A custom coat rack

A custom coat rack

Custom gates with grapevine design

These double gates were fabricated for a retirement home in Scottsdale, AZ. They measure 6 feet wide by 7 feet high and have a grapevine design. The frame is called a wavy design which enhances the beauty and detail of the gates.

Double gates

Double gates for a client in Scottsdale, AZ - Grapevine design, double wide, measures 6 feet wide by 7 feet high.

Tiered serving dish holders

Tiered dish holders - These tiered holders are for large servings dishes. Looks scrumptious!

Railing with fish swimming among sea grass

Fish swimming among sea grass - Custom fabricated and installed railing for an estate in Old Orchard Beach, ME. Please excuse the paper under the newell post; this is placed at time of installation to touch up pads with paint if scratched during installation.

Curved iron railing

A custom-made curved iron railing. Simple or intricate, curved or straight — I can make it for you.

Curved iron railing

Another angle of the curved iron railing.

Custom straight iron railing

A custom straight iron railing for an estate on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.

Custom iron tree with flower pot rings

This custom tree with flower pot rings is for the same estate on Lake Winnipesaukee. This tree is a copy of one owned by Martha Stewart on her Bedford farm in CT. The client sent a photo from a magazine approximately 3 inches by 5 inches. She wanted it made approximately 4 feet by 7 feet. The 8 rings were sized to fit assorted flower pots, so flowers could be changed for the seasons. Pumpkins were used during Halloween.

King bed and quilt rack

This king bed was made for a customer in Methuen, MA. The design was a collaboration between client and fabricator. Notice the quilt rack also fabricated for this client.

King bed close-up

King bed, close-up. Notice the detail in fastening. This is called a wrap.

King bed all dressed up

King bed, all dressed up.

12 Light Chandelier

12-light chandelier with hammered leaf design. Notice the wine rack in background.

15 Bottle Wine Rack

15-bottle wine rack with grape leaf and tendrils, hammered to make it shine.

Dish stand and candlesticks

Serving dish stand with braided candlesticks.

Personalized music stand

A personalized music stand with adjustable height. What's your name? I can make one for you too!

Music stand

Music stand with adjustable height.

Music stand

See the intricate detail in the base of this music stand. This was made for a client in AZ.

Saxaphone stand

Saxaphone stand

Saxaphone stand

Saxaphone stand without the Sax to show its detail.

Saxaphone stand

Close-up detail of the wraps and leaves on the saxaphone stand.

Lamp post fabrication

The beginning of a very unique lamp post.

Light post grapevine

This is the grapevine with grapes and leaves climbing and surrounding the light post. It will slide over the completed light post.

Lantern post in my shop

The finished lantern post in my shop before delivery and installation.

Lamp post installation

The final lamp post, installed.

Lamp post

Another angle of the lamp post.

Barn or shop door handles

Barn or shop door handles

Barn or shop door handles

Barn or shop door handles

Candle wall sconce

Candle wall sconce

Fireplace screen

Fireplace screens made to order. With a hammered and distressed frame, this shows a grape leaf design.

Fireplace screen

Fireplace screen with a cattail and pinecone design. Any design of your choice can be fitted to any fireplace screen.